Sex with Civilian women: Why I pay for sex.

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  1. Macunoydos


    I like this post :
    Yea I pay 200 too, with this petite big breast China doll name cici. We known each other for years, and I just love how she makes me feel, but I know I can't be with her, but sometimes I feel like there is hope. Like the kissing and longer hours multiple pops and sometimes our sessions get so out of control we throw out the condom. she tells me I am the only person I do this with, but I know It's not the truth. She's a liar, but she still give me some hope like a good girl. My heart kinda hurts because I always think about her
  2. Intudeep


    It's. It cheating if you pay for it. It's therapeutic.
  3. latteman


    I completely agree with you man, actually sometimes I think you get less from GF because you are paying more all together for the same service from the same girl.. what's the point? not talking about the blackmail sh*t
    sex is good depends on how much time you invested, if too much then you'll lose the excitement.
  4. latteman


    I completely agree with you man, actually sometimes I think you get less from GF because you are paying more all together for the same service from the same girl.. what's the point? not talking about the blackmail sh*t
  5. TheRicker


    Stop going to amps and go to Lmp's you pay a little more, I think its worth not having them stare at you and claim they know what you're saying and usually have a better body than amp girls who usually have the equivalent of a pretty pubescent boy.
  6. sexpert


    Asian women have ducks (Chinese gigalos) from st, i know of 2 women who uses them. It's a terrible job but there are quite a few out there. In China it's huge, China star is one of my best friends place to go when she is in China, young 20yr old lap dogs and when i say lap, is lapping, pussy
  7. wah


    Does anyone think women feel the same? Why are there so many amps and none for wome
  8. lovelight



    for 150 hh I get in ,get out and she's as concerned about discretion as much or more than me .I've found a few of these and that's where I gravitate,or the young pros that come one day and the next they are 3 states away!
  9. LISteve


    More and more these pigs at the amps make me feel disgusted more than make me feel like a man. However, I still love my wife and I do seek out good looking providers to help me with some sex and maybe some passion. Something.

    I only one incident of infidelity (if you want to call it that) .... I made out wth a woman that works in our industry. Next thing you know she tells a friend of mine. Fucking bitch blabs even though she knows I am married. It never got back to anybody else. Quite frankly I was shocked. You never know how close you are to getting screwed over.

    Always remember that we pay them to go away. It's for the best.
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  10. Chauncey84


    Providers are a necessary service

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't kept going. It's really interesting reading. I see myself in a lot of these posts.

    For 15 years, I prided myself on not cheating. Being monogamous was a badge of honor. But after awhile, my wife and I honestly just got bored with each other. She gained weight. I stopped asking for sex all the time, yada, yada, yada. We don't have kids, so we both got lost in work and drifted apart. We recently went to couples counseling to see if we still wanted to be together. We do. For better or for worse, we love each other on a very deep level.

    Late last year, I started to hit up AMP's. I have no idea why. One day I just called a number and went during my lunch hour. I felt like I was 17 all over again. Happy. Exhilarated. I forgot what a rush it was to be touched by a woman (other than my wife).

    I now get why I monger. I love my wife, but something deep inside me needs something more. I need intimacy. I need touching. I need blow jobs. More than anything, I need to feel like a man.

    I know that I will never, ever fall in love with any of these girls. I see them like I would a chiropractor. For an adjustment. To feel normal again.

    I'm sure the more I monger I will begin to develop favorites. But they will never replace my wife. And I feel confident that I know the difference between the two.
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  11. Compulsive


    I find that "dating" strippers is somewhere halfway between having a GF & P4P girl.
    They whine & complain like a girlfriend, but you still have to pay them!
  12. Restrepo


    wow, Mr. Robinson et all, sounds like we're brothers from different mothers. For i too could easily opt for a CW/GF rather than spending my money on experts. But, if history truly repeats itself, the next GF i choose will end up bringing her life's baggage with and expect me to unpack and wash it with her--metaphorically speaking of course.

    I'm fairly new to this sport, hobby,' not everything, but its everything my physical needs need. The emotional and cerebral can be tickled by some of these pros.
    I guess i'm still just testing the waters. Finding my way. One pussy at a time.

    thanks for sharing, everyone...
  13. pawgluvr


    Why do I pay for sex? Well, it's not as simple as the sex, because, as someone else mentioned here, if the session is sleazy you walk away feeling a little bit crappier. What is interesting is the fact that I find myself going to Asian spas despite the fact that I much prefer full figured Caucasian women. They work harder, and they scrub you down so you feel fresh and not sleazy (FS or no FS).

    Also though I stress out trying to convey the fact that I am not serious about a relationship while acting like a guy who would only be in long term relationships. It's a type of double talk that I think the non P4P ladies seek out when they are looking for a roll. And honestly, I would rather pay to be with a hot chick than settle for something so-so that I could seduce only after a great deal of effort. I am weary of it all.
  14. lukin4luv


    sex is not everything in a relationship if sex is good, if its not its everything to bring a relationship to an end.
  15. Mr.Robinson


    I so wish there was a like button on UG just like they have on facebook!
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  17. skudd


    And guess what.... you are approaching 30... the same will still hold true when you are 40/50 and beyond.
  18. BennyBlanc0


    holy crap if i could fit that onto a business card i would! I'd hand it over to my date at the beginning of the night so she could decide right then&there whether she wants the relationship or just the fun. neither of our time would be wasted!
  19. sanman111

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    I'll quote this because it deserves another mention and I agree with most of it. I have mentioned here before that p4p has actually helped me in some ways.

    I have also dated over 50 women in a year and hundreds over my dating career. Most bore me and provide little more than a convenient opportunity for sex. The ones I connect with on a deeper level few and far between. Almost all of those don't appeal on a physical level as much as their competition and lack the sense of sexual adventure. They stay friends while I go and bang emotional train wrecks who provide road head, kink, and sex in public places. However, the relationships always fall apart and end up a mess.

    While I still do this from time to time, I find myself paying more attention and giving more of a chance to the 'nice and cute' girls who really like me after I participated in p4p. Mostly because I know that a hot kinky chick is only a phone call and an ATM visit away. It allows me to develop deeper relationships and honestly not care if the girl I am with is going to immediately sleep with me. As I approach 30 and attempt to start to settle down, I appreciate those qualities more than easy sex anyway. I have actually dated and seriously considered women who are wonderful people despite a lack of crazy sexual appetite. I feel that this the way women date. The freedom to know that sex can be had anytime while you search for the right person.

    That said, p4p also allows me easy access to sex whenever I want. More than that it is guilt free self indulgence. It is rare that I can get a massage and release, or a NSA bj from a gf or date. This easy access, no reciprocation sex really is the junk food of sex. But, it is nice to allow myself to be self indulge and not worry the other person as you are paying them for the service. As a provider once intimated. "I wish someone would just give me head whenever I wanted so I could about my day after that."

    In the end, relationship sex is better but with more strings. I find that both have their benefits though. While I wrestle with ethics and morals, it is becoming more clear to me that finding that great sex life with a wonderful, compatible person is not that likely and I may have to balance both needs using p4p.
  20. skudd


    Especially mine!