San Francisco Options?

Discussion in 'California' started by bkny, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Likewise living in SF now, let me know what you want to know...
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    While there are other forums to discuss west coast places, I am back on UG after a long while (thanks slinkybender) and live in SF so I will keep an eye out for questions I can help with.
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    So invite some.
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    Wow, where are all my SF peeps?? Last post was in 2015? Sigh. Was hoping to see some old sfredbook friends here. Oh well. (sniff)
  5. steph718


    Checked this place out that was listed on BP. (

    Inside seemed clean. The girl who serviced me was hot, 8/10. She was 5'8, enhanced top, nice round ass, silky skin and very pretty. Lily was from Vietnamese decent. 40 for the hour. After 10 mins of of hot stones and hot towels, I turned over and the negotiations began. 120 for everything. I said yes, and the cap went on and off to the races. I was in there for a full over, multiple positions and was allowed 2 pops. I wasn't able to see the other talent but they are all like this, this place is the best I've found in SF. Highly recommended.
  6. steph718


    Checked out Siesta Massage in Old Bayshore Highway in Burlingame, by the airport. My provider was Tiffany, older lady with spandex pants and loose fitting top -- has the looks of your friends mom growing up. She recommended the half as she has a appt. $45 for half, $60 for hour. The massage was actually very good, started off very strong that it almost hurt, I had to tell her to ease off a bit. None the less I wish I had the hour. No ST so after the massage I was asked to flip. We negotiated while junior at full staff and in her hand -- I hate when they do that. $70 for HJ, $100 for CBJ; full menu might be offered, but I wasnt given the option. Tiffany took command well and was able to unleash these very pretty and perky Bs with nice eraser nipples. Overall experience is I would repeat, but the prices compared to NYC is a bit steep.
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    With all the activities in SF. I'm shocked no one updates this forum.

    Anyways stopped by L'Amour Spa Relax lastnight and what a waste of money. Location is downstairs near Chinatown on Jackson St. and Kearny St. You will need to be buzzed in thru 2 metal gates. The place is fairly bare bone but somewhat clean. 60 at the door with no TS. My provider was Lily, early 40s, tall and thin. Bs or large A top with a standard asain bottom.

    Lily proceeded to ST with heat packs. Not sure where the massage was but she said they don't offer massages here. But let's face it who's here for a massage anyways. 3 mins later she asked me to flip. Wtf?!? She started to upsell like crazy. 160 for CBJ and 280 for FS. I said no thanks and proceeded to tell her to give me a HJ only. She demanded 100. After some back and forth we settled at 80. Even then it was too much because she did not allow any form of contact. I was not allowed to touch anything. At this point I just wanted to bust and leave.

    I will not repeat and will recommend the same to others.
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    Sanfrancisco !! Memory of vietnamese girl.

    I might drive for 8 hours non stop from LA. I was crazy enough to drive my car without any break for 8 hours. Beautiful scenes of route 1 embracing cliff, woods, landscape, oceanview.
    When I got to San i was so tired and honestly, whenever I parked my car in park lot in downtown, I ran to amp. And the lady from Vietnam was so sexy and hot.
    I still remember her tightness. Heavenly good experience. So i tried another in NYC but it wasn't such a great than there.
    Still missing her massage and BBBJ & 69.
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    I'm new here on UG but I know a lot about SF, but I'm glad to help out with my home turf.

    The UG of the SF Bay Area is called SFRedbook (, actually, I'm still trying to figure out parts of UG, but so far I haven't been able to do everything on UG that I can do on redbook. Under the message board, there's the main page of info, including the classfieds+reviews section, plus the main message boards.

    I think registering for the message boards is free, and after that, you can search the message boards, so if see some AMPS near your hotel, search for that name under the AAMP/Massage Parlors. Most AMPs I've tried in SF are solid -- $.4-$$, nonGFE, but decent customer-oriented service. You should get a lineup. The major drawback is that a fair number of AMPs there the workers are older (30+), but the good places should have some in their early to mid-twenties.

    The classified section under Redbook is great. Just search for what you like (like Caucasian, Incall/SF), and you'll get pages and pages of posts, plus links to their reviews. You can't read all the details of the reviews, but the ad should state what kind of stuff they do (GFE, safe GFE, etc.), and if the summaries show more than 6 reviews that are mostly 8's, 9's and 10s, you should be good to go.

    Feel free to post any followup questions.
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    Hey Billy - I think that was me trying to setup an appointment with you, I'll definitely get in touch with you next time I'm in town!
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    bkny, I do remember you, and enjoyed our time together! BTW, I didn't take offense to how you described me. Infact, your review was very sweet & made me blush, actually! Oh, and speaking of, you are right, I am in my mid thirties.

    I am really stoked to hear that you are enjoying FBSM so much! I would love to see you again sometime- I have a new live/work space in SOMA, you should come by and check it out. Thanks, xo bd
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    Tried CEO Health when I was in town last week, but didn't get an answer and no one answered the door. It was late, though - after midnight - and nothing really said what the hours are. That's how I ended up at NCT. No CBJ, but good enough at the moment.
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    What's great about NYC are services like UG. What sucks when I head out west is I never know where to go nor which sites to research. Anyway, since this thread is about SF, my favorite place is CEO Health at 130 Bush. It's a bit strange, as the front door is just a glass door with a tiny vestibule that only accesses an elevator. They buzz you up and you're in this seedy AMP. But everything is on the menu.

    Last time, I had one of the best BJs ever, and it was a CBJ, go figure. But this girl just wouldn't let up. Total party girl.

    So good luck and any other tips for us jetsetting West Coast folks would be appreciated. Preferably in the LA area.
  14. bkny


    I ended up back in SF by accident for the night and looked for something quick on the fly and ended up at New Century Theater in the Tenderloin. I'd been there before and gotten more mileage than I ever expect from a strip club.

    Not sure how widespread it is among clubs here to have extras, but I've gotten a few here and keep coming back for them. Years back, I got a bbj from a skinny Asian named Star. It was during an afternoon visit and there was no request for extra tip (I did anyway, because she earned it), so I keep going back hoping for more.

    The cover is $30 in the evening (another reason I try to go during the day shift when the cover is waived).

    The place had maybe 3 guys there and at least 6-8 girls there hanging around waiting for customers.

    Nina came up on stage and I pretty much had to have her.

    She's an Asian spinner with a tramp stamp that says 'sexy bitch' and handles herself like she knows it's true.

    At home, I never go to the private rooms, but since I'd gotten action there before, I went all the way for the $100 full nude session (It's $20 for a bikini show, which is actually less than what you get on the stage, $50 for topless). She was already naked and just off the stage, so having her put clothes back on for our session seemed retarded.

    She asked if I wanted to 'have fun' and if I was willing to tip her for it. I told her I had about $40 left on me, so that was all I could give. She wanted me to go to the atm and get $300(!!!) more to tip her. That wasn't going to happen. She tried for $200 and I told her I've pretty much got what I can spend. The whole time, she was still rubbing up on me and allowing full roaming - including insertion - with no complaints.

    Finally, I just pulled it out and she gave me the HJ for the $40 I'd offered. After a long fucking day, I just needed a quick pop anyway, so going for something more wouldn't have been worth it anyway.

    So, on the one hand, I got a deal for getting an HJ for $40 when she was asking $300, on the other, between the cab ride out there and back to my hotel, the $30 cover, the $100 for the room and the $10 I dropped on the dance floor in tip money, I really did pay $200 for an HJ.

    In the end, I got to fondle a dirty girl who touched my pee pee, so I'm going to count it as a win.
  15. bkny


    Billy, I'm so glad you found this.

    I certainly didn't imply that you were in anyway chubby, just letting the 'spinner' fans know what they should expect - curvy and delicious.

    I really enjoyed our session - I don't know that you'd remember me at all, this was back in June, we played a bit of email tag to finally coordinate something.

    As I'm coming to realize that FS isn't really my thing, your type of FBSM is becoming my favorite sort of service. I'll definitely check in the next time I'm in town.
  16. new guy

    new guy

    If you are in SF why not just go to an AMP? -- I have had all levels of service including FS in SF AMPs and there are places in all parts of town, so you don't need to visit the "tender loin" and dodge crack addicts to have a nice time.. just my 2 cents
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    Hello from FBSM gal, Billy Detroit!

    Hello, BKNY~ Thanks so much for the kind words of support; you are a real sweetheart!

    Hello UG~ My name is Billy. I'm pretty excited to have found UtopiaGuide! One of UG's members sent me an email, asking to set up an appointment, and mentioned that he'd read about me here. He sent a link and I was pleased to see BKNY's mini review of our time together.

    Below is a link to my ad. The photos you'll see in my ad where taken recently, and definitely AFTER my meeting with BKNY (at which time I was definitely on the chubby side). However, I've shaped up and slimmed down. Thankfully, didn't lose my delicious curves!. These pix are an accurate representation of how I look NOW, with the exception of one minor detail: I'm now a blonde! Actually, I just had a shoot yesterday, to show off my new look.. I'll post them as soon as my photographer gets them to me (probably within a couple days).

    If women are allowed to post here, I'll likely lurk for a bit, and then begin contributing. I look forward to learning more about UG.

    Thanks, and enjoy your day.. Kisses, xo bd
  18. bkny


    After getting sick of the AMP hunt, I ended up getting in touch with a provider named Billy Detroit, who the mongers on myredbook swooned over. She just provides massage with HE, but it's sensual and personal and nice. I enjoyed it.

    She's a white girl, 'girl next door' cute, not slender, but bigger than any AMP girl. The reviews talk about her as being pretty young, but I guess those guys are older. I'm in my mid-30's and she's probably not significantly younger than me.

    The session starts with a shower together, then move to the massage table. There's mutual touching allowed, but no insertion or anything like that. No idea if she does PM, that's not really my thing, but I expect it's on the menu.

    This was 6 months ago, so I don't really remember the damage, but it was upward of $100.
  19. bkny


    It's many months late, but here's a bit on what I found...
    First of all SF Mongers seem to be getting screwed - and not in the way we're all looking for.

    myredbook, recommended above did end up being the best place to find intel and make connections, but it's a pay site, at least for those without enough intel to contribute a good number of reviews. Maybe it's a good way to encourage participation, but it sorto f rubbed me the wrong way, so to speak.

    Speaking of which, throughout the board and then in my own experience after picking the wrong AMP, there was story after story of getting shitty massages from older ladies and being upsold every step of the way.

    I ended up going to Springtime on O'Farrell and ended up getting badgered by a 40-something who wanted $200+ for FS on top of the $50 I gave at the door. Already undressed and in the mood, I ended up dropping somewhere in the area of $100 for a pretty terrible BJ - and she wouldn't even let me touch her because I 'didn't pay enough.'

    So, yeah, there's haggling. I never did find a good AMP, although as always there are stories posted of successes and that one good looking girl that you have to show up at just the right time for.