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  1. Castellan would like to introduce Miss Issa Bellova

    Issa's schedule is as follows:

    Midtown NYC
    September 14-18

    Chicago, IL
    September 18-22

    Miami, FL
    September 22-24

    Minneapolis, MN
    September 24-26

    Denver, CO
    September 26-29

    San Jose, CA
    September 29 - October 4

    San Francisco, CA
    October 4-6

    Pittsburgh, PA
    October 6-9

    Philadelphia, PA
    October 9-12

    Edison, NJ
    October 12-14

    Garden City (Long Island)
    October 14-16


    Issa's Stats
    Age 20
    Height 5'7"
    Weight 123
    34A-26-38 (Natural)
    Dress Size 3

    The best way to schedule a date with Issa

    You have several options:

    You can visit her website and utilize the online booking which is preferred:

    You can email:

    Call or Text:

    Castellan International
    305-901-1848 (Calling & Texting)
    772-800-6823 (WhatsApp ONLY)
    Twitter: @CastellanInt
    Instagram: @CastellanInternational
    Snapchat: @CastellanInt​