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  1. nyguy2


    Just finding this thread now...I didn't have the pleasures of getting super super involved with a working girl, but I did have one AMP girl from Hudson Star Therapy about 8 years ago, who I hit it off very differently from the other girls I frequented at the time.

    Her name was Coco, 27 years of age, milky white skin and a gorgeous pair up top for an Asian girl. She showed me her actual ID and her visa to prove she wasnt some old timer.

    I was dating a Japanese girl from Cliffside Park at the time and this spot was no more than 5 minutes away so at least twice a week I was there. After a few visits, our sessions on Sundays were getting longer and longer...start with a hot table shower, some 'accidental' touching, a warm table with a heated pad and a kick ass massage. We'd have conversations forever while she laid on my back and caressed me, what she did on her days off (shopping in the city with the other girls), how hard her English classes were, how she wanted to stay in the US and go to school.

    The first few visits were just a lot of grinding and hj's but the chemistry made me come back for more. Sundays were quickly becoming my favorite day as I would drop my gf off at work and head right over for a massage at 8am, before the place opened. Turns out mama-san took Sundays off and left Coco in charge...so I had free reign without getting yelled at.

    After a month of this, I actually offered to sit down with her in the evenings and help her with her English as she would try to pronounce words during my visits and I would chuckle a little (which irked her a bit). So Sunday mornings were a two hour massage with two pops at least (which after a month went from hj to bbj to fs to bbfs), I'd go about my day and come back in the evening after 7pm when they closed. Occaisonally I'd see another girl there who would give a polite nod but none were as cute as she was.

    I made for a horrible English teacher (I never really did well in that class) but she got better at it over the 8 months I saw her there. Our sessions were nothing short of amazing every single time. I had offered to take her out one evening but I think mama-san had a rule that kept all the girls together during off hours, no straying out. I had debated going straight to mama-san to explain my idea but renegged as it would most certainly ruin the on-going relationship.

    Towards the end of summer in 2009 I'd broken up with my Japanese gf and hitched myself to a lovely Filipina back in Long Island only a few blocks from my house, and I stopped going to Jersey. Having a young 22 yr old who bends over backwards to cook for you, has an amazing family and a great career (not to mention wild in the sack) makes you forget about the amp scene very quickly.

    Sometime mid 2010 I was driving through Cliffside Park to visit a friend and figured why not, stop in and see Coco. Was quite dismayed to find out from Mama-san that Coco had left a few months ago, she was 'sad and no want to work anymore'.

    Not sure if she was just making that up, but part of me believed it. I guess I feel like I should try to make an impact everywhere I go in life and leave people's lives for the better, and that's one place I felt like I messed up.

    Aside from Anna in 414 Lynbrook a few years back, Ive yet to find any amp that has exceeded those expectations. Its left me a sour taste in my mouth, where Everytime I enter a new spot, it ends up being more of the same.....how much u tip, take care of me, no touchie.

    That's my one story. In all my years of mongering since 2003 (started at Railroad Ave), that was my 8 month home run. It's been a strikeout everytime since.
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  2. clicker2659


    @Macunoydos very dangerous popping inside her even if she says she on the pill. It only takes one time!! Use your big head next time. Cover up and all that jazz. She does seem like a hot one!! And yes its called lust!!
  3. Macunoydos


    This Asian girl, Cici is so petite I once fit her in empty cereal box up to her waist, had to start from her feet, because she had the biggest set of the titties I ever saw on a little Asian.
    I gotta admit I guess I was in love or had an addiction to her lust. Which ever it was I had to pay 200 ever time I met up with her. And pay the house because she works in a spa. But she always took me to a secret room, which i think was her actual room. Every time we entered the room she dim the lights and after I paid, she always says the same thing: "you could do whatever you want to me."
    I was young and reckless, and super horny. And this girl was so hot, I couldn't believe it. I would do her raw and even bust inside her. She would tell me she's on the pill.
    I was worried if she does this with other people, I didn't want to catch anything. And unfortunately I did catch something but fortunately it was curable!
    I quit her for a while and lost her number. But then I had that urge again, I want her again.

    Still haven't gone to her yet, but I'll tell you the details if I do.
  4. Massy


    Sorry it may appear I'm 'NEW' here but i've been lurking for years and am thankful for everyone's contributions. I just recently divorced and decided it was time to join as the chances of being caught on the computer or someone going on it are slim and I can join in freely.

    Ive had several working girls enter my life and I contribute that to my lifestyle.

    Here are a few some of you may enjoy:

    In 2009, before the Gaslight went away and LeCafe seemed to have a good flock of Russian/Ukranian women I ended up meeting two of the girls that worked there on a nice early fall day in Coney Island. Walking by myself on the boardwalk I passed these two beauties and said something to one of them... from there well it led to more conversation and a few drinks close by. The both of them said they were dancers and immediately I could tell what that was & that they actually worked on Long Island.

    At that point I told them I lived out there and we exchanged numbers, in all honesty I told them I don't really ever go to strip clubs and its not my thing although I enjoy the people watching of the patrons but it does nothing for me. Regardless they wanted me to 'stop by' so a week went by and I did walk into LeCafe in all its bizarre glory. The one girl who I really hit it off came running over to me and was so happy and couldn't keep her hands off me. However from my limited experiences and knowledge of these clubs she wasn't pushy in a lap dance or drinks, nor did she ask about any. It was 2am on a weeknight and I asked when she got out and she said 3 & said the van usually takes them back to Brooklyn but if i wanted to hang out and could drop her off sometime by morning to meet her in the parking lot.

    Well, I did and we ended going back to my place and fucking all morning. This girl literally wanted nothing from me at her job and right off the bat I realized wasn't playing me. It would get crazy especially at Gaslight because the bouncer liked me and I would just come to get her at the end of the night sometimes on one of those nights I fucked her doggy style in those large Lap Dance side booths they had and it was incredible. Her exact line was 'I have to pretend to be sexy in here all night with men and be fake... for once I just want to be fucked hard in here for real'.

    Things began weird as we dated more and did normal dating things not related to me picking her up at work or us getting food after her shift and what not.

    One night I picked her up at the house in Bay Ridge which I was never allowed in! I realized early on this was a place where the girls would stay in a small ass room with just their belongings and not allowed to have any guests & had to cater to the rules. That night we were going to a nice restaurant in Williamsburg and would end up back at my place on Long Island drinking champagne and fucking repeatedly. When it was ready for me to take her back to Brooklyn she was getting really emotional saying how they were 'Making her go work in florida' for two weeks and when I said who she said 'the bosses'. She called me once from Florida stating how they were paying her a lot of money to do things she didn't want to do & black men too which she didnt want to.

    I knew at the end of that trip her green card expired and she would have to go back... I never returned her phone calls.

    Until the next story because I have plenty.
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  5. lightweight

    lightweight Moderator

    I have had this many times. The biggest turn on for me years ago, was to get a stripper, become a NPFP. That was alway my goal. I have had some long relationships this way. This was what did it for me though. I am sure I have already written some of these , but I have had a few others in that last couple years that I can share another time. I know a little different from what is talked about here but similar non the less.
  6. redbox


    You are probably right. As a fellow monger said if she wanted to be my gf, I wouldn't have to donate. Even thu she lets me have as many pops as I want until she gets called. Confusing. But maybe she sees me as client she would love to keep and enjoys my company.
  7. yonkershobbyist


    I had "relationships" with AMP girls, immediately after a session or two they asked me out outside of the AMP to go out with their friends, wake up in their apartment with a hangover going "WTFF?" etc, so if you're only seeing them inside an AMP, money is the deal. Keep it that way, it's much more fun.
  8. redbox


    I put some hardwork building this relationship with my ATF. From previous posts I know I deffinitly get VIP treatment from her that others don't get. suffice to say I haven't read anyone else's post come close but then again I have been constantly seeing her. Let's just say we're at a level of very close friendship maybe real or fake or a little bit of both.

    Saw her 2 more times before she left. We always start off by telling me how her day went. Usually very busy she says and I believe her lately she's been having a lot of booking had to wait a bit last few times I saw her all deferent schedules ranging from 10am till like 2 am in the morning, always a different car parked outside. She's very popular, by now the smart mongerers would have deduced who she is, so I ask to keep this gem our little secrete.

    Last session we had she wanted me to stay overnight but that's definitely out of the question and is deffintly not permitted. We were naked and spooning and she commented on how this was her favorite part of the day being like this with me. Real or not we built up a good relationship and friendship. I think I'll take a break from toft others and just wait to see what might happens next. Life is living day by day, in a blink of an eye all sorts of unpredictability may occur. Stay thirsty my friends
  9. redbox


    Lol you guys are too funny.
    " I don't need google,, my wife knows everything"
  10. Banacek

    Banacek SAM I am

    If you got out before cumming on the scene, that would account for the lack of kids. It doesn't take a genius to know this stuff.
  11. genius


    There is a word for a woman like that; it's called ex-wife. Luckily I got out before any kids came on the scene.
  12. Banacek

    Banacek SAM I am

    This is probably a cliche response and you may even have tried it. I would take her for counseling with her pastor, minister, priest, rabbi, etc. The spiritual leader may be able to show her that she should be performing her wifely duties and help her to see the light, so to speak. Yes, it sounds like something out of a TV show like Seventh Heaven or Touched By An Angel or a Lifetime movie, but it might just be enough to convince her that she is not living up to what is expected of her. Hopefully, the religious obligations will overcome the reservations.
  13. backseat


    sounds like the old story, how do you get a girl to stop having wild sex, and giving blow jobs all the time, marry her. yuk yuk
  14. redbox


    Your are both right. I am not single my Wiffy is very beautiful and hot but she is too reserved and religious. She never wants to do anything fun. Once the ring was given, my death sentence was announced. Thank god for providers I think they are the major reason most guys are still married with family.
  15. Jornay


    I agree with Pokler. What you need is a girlfriend as it sounds like you want something along the lines of romance etc... I could be wrong, and if I am I'm sorry.

    I make love to my SO, but I f#ck these amp chicks. There's a difference there. We know that, and the amp chicks know that. We are a business transaction to them, don't blur those lines brother, you'll get hurt bad.
  16. redbox


    You are probably right. I just wanted to share my experience. I don't blame her if she did because that what the job entitles. I'll have to put my guard up again.
  17. pokler

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    She's got you where she wants you. She's a pro and you are an ATM to her. If she really liked you she'd be sucking your Dick for free but your too deluded to see the truth .
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  18. redbox


    7th visit

    It was my birthday and I had asked for overnight stay but they don't allow that max would be an hour maybe 2 hours for 300 which was right on my budget but might as well splurge on my say of birth. She had texted me happy birthday and that she was waiting for me. As I got there I purchased a teddy bear and a rose to surprise her with. She has been surprising me with all these new things that I fear wether they maybe just an illusions of emotions of is this real. As I enter the room she barrages me with kisses and says happy birthday. I gave her the flower and bear and she said she would rather just see me that's the best gift for her. She took the bear to bed and said she was going to snuggle with him and think of me when she sleeps. We cuddle in bed and kiss this time it felt different this time when we made out she started to grind on me bareback. This time she was pleasing herself. I can feel her wet and tight, she moaned and started to breath harder she was definitely not faking it she kept kissing me more deeply and I kept thrusting an grinding harder and I felt it, I had slipped in her raw just the point, she gasped and for alittle while we just stopped a bit she told me it was to dangerouse she doesn't do that, she is not looking to have a baby she would rather get married first. She started to go down on me bbbj now as we both got very comfortable with each other. After a bit k just wanted her badly she put on a bag and we went to town on each other. After I came she said she wanted to shower which we did again we started to grind some more. I know you guys debate about the whole gf experience but my ATF is the real deal gf exp. we passionately kiss and she gave me a quick bj signaling she was ready for more. So off we went back to the bed to continue where she left off. This time we did an amazing 69 it lasted forever we both didn't want it to end deeper and harder an at last I couldn't resist. After that we both took a swig of mouth wash and cuddled and kiss. She always smells so great and amazing. She asked if I was going I go see my parents and if I was going to tell them about my cute little girlfriend. I think she later suggested that she would like to go see them and she would take the day off but I could of mis intripute that. Her english still needs a lot of brushing up but you can get the gist of what she is saying. She also got up and brang me a strawberry pastry. She said she has requested the boss for a cake for my birthday but instead got a strawberry loaf pasty. Lee are it together and she told me she is happy with me. I thanked her for my birthday surprise, again she started to kiss me and dfk. Again we got hot and heavy and started to grind side ways at first I can feel her slowly getting closer and closer deeper and deeper. As I started to thrust more in she started to kiss me harder, now I'm feeling her warmth and the tip of my spear slowing penetrating her she starts to thrust more too and she lifts her leg up alittle more giving me enough room to finally go in all the way in. Omg the anticipation was killing us both, this is what good sex was all about. We thrusted and kissed harder now feeling her o so deep we went into missionary position for a bit and she stopped for a bit and asked me if I really wanted to do this I whispered that it was ok in her ear just for alittle while longer she started to moan more and bit her lip a bit as her feet start to curl, it felt so warm and amazing I knew I was going to regret it I I didn't pull out now before I let myself go. She asked if I wanted to fuck and I said yes. This time with the fire inside us we did all the positions and this time we were both going deep and hard she even said a few English curse word which just turned me on and on as I went deeper and deeper. Finished off doggy as we both dropped from exhaustion. She laid on my chest for awhile telling me how her time is almost up for that location she would be going back to flushing. Told her I would miss her dearly and dedicated "your body is a wonderland" by John mayers ( ya ya I know sappy song but god dam her body is a motherfucking wonderland) she liked it and kissed me turning on the beast, surprisingly saying "again?" And like in my previous post I replied "I'm young and you are hot" which she smiled and again she started to go down on me waking my slumbering beast. But fuck her phone rang and it was the boss, time was up another monger was on his way. Honestly I felt as if she didn't get reminded of what she was there for we could have spent all day together. Which leads me to my present conundrum of what should I do. Torn between happiness and responsibility, as well as illusion and reality. Could this be real? Should I risk it and sacrifice what I have now ? Happiness romance or responsibly and commitment. O god what cruel fate.
  19. redbox


    6th visit

    I can't resist, this must be how addiction must feel I tried for a few days but the withdrawal started to kick in. We always stay in touch always say our good mornings and good nights. She has been getting more clients lately, I cave in and book another session 3 days after the 5th. I always let her know ahead of time. And she has replied that she was waiting for me her master" I wanted to do something nice after she had returned the favor for me last time so I decided to cook her some food. When I got there my mouth dropped as she was waiting for me in a cute bunny outfit omg this was also a first for me, very erotic and cute. I gave her the food and she was so happy I always think about her. We sat together as she fed me some of the chopped up steak and veggies I made for her. She said it was delicious and she missed me so much she barraged me with many kisses. She said she felt lonely when I don't visit her. After a good long df she started to go down on my again without the bag. This time I learn my lesson before I explode I stopped her half way and told her I want to fuck which she had a big smirk. We did doggy and cg this time when she was on me she kept telling me to look into her eyes as we kissed, it felt more passionately as she kissed me all over. I couldn't resist any longer. After that we were both so sweaty she asked if I wanted to shower with her. Of course hell ya, as we showered again she started to caress me and kiss me and we started to grind on one another. I wanted her so bad maybe she wanted me as bad too. We got out of the shower and into the bed to cuddle abit. I notice there was an ashtray with a cigerette, I had ask if she smoked she said no that a customer had left it and she doesn't like the taste or smell not o mention the old men always want to kiss her which depressed me a bit knowing that she has been seeing other mongerers earlier. Again she starts to kiss me (mind you she is always the one who starts to kiss me and get me started. ) she starts to go down on me again bbbj at this point I really wish I didn't have an SO because I get so torned. I ask to return the favor which she happy complies as we both get deeper and deeper faster and harder her phone rings and it's the boss time was up :( she told me it was ok and she kept going a little bit more until I came. As I was leaving I told her my birthday was coming up. And that I was going to book her all day which she laughed and commented on how she wish I could because she will miss me so much.

    As I walked out I saw another Mongerer waiting outside in his car, again that feeling inside of me twisting my soul. I know what we're doing I know what she does, I'm torn because I'm getting to deep and as ryanscot post made me realize that I am not alone. So thank you for that if your still in ug Ryan , thank you.
  20. redbox


    Reading ryanscot post about his experience makes me wonder about mines. If you have read my content and reviews, there is a certain provider who I can't keep my mind of her. I reviewed 4 sessions with her and always gets better and better. We are now very comfortable with each other to the point that we text when we can and we even exchanged pictures. I write to let it all out, my doubts, fear, anxiety about these feelings. I am falling for a working girl, I sense she is too but it could just all be in illusion not to mention very risky for both our sakes. My other 4 previous sessions Are posted on another thread this is the continuation.

    On my 5th visit i had brang her a smoothy which she enjoyed and a set of body wash fragrance, she commented that she recently turned 24 last month. She loved the gift as usual she greets me with a lot of Dfk and hugs. She says she misses me so much and has been thinking of me "her BF" I have been too. We get down to buiseness but this time before get down to business she asked if I really " like her" I told her without a doubt she is the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes upon. She blushed and as she started to kiss me down slowly heading down to the promise land she stopped and looked into my eyes, I stared back my heart beating a million beats a second. She started to give me a bbbj. This was a first, I was so sweet to her that she started to repay the favor. The way she does it felt so amazing I couldn't resist and unloaded on her mouth. Afterwords she takes a swig of mouth wash and jumps into bed to cuddle we talk about how it might rain later that week and how my birthday was coming up and how I would love to book a whole night with her no matter the cost but unfortantly the agency would not allow it max would be an 2hour for 300. Before I know it she was kissing me again wanting more, hot and ready and suddenly her phone starts to ring, it was the boss and my time was up, part of me kicking myself for not booking more but at the same time lamenting the cost of these expiditions.