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  1. MayorSimpleton


    Holy crap .it's the same beautiful from show world. Had her about 8 or 9 years ago .She was cute but the service was meh for the price I felt. She did have a banging body back then.
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  2. billyS


    Lol, Beautiful might be new to CB but she has been in the game for over 10 years. I laid my cock in her as an extremely tight 18 or 19 year old in ShowWorld. ( SheSwas 18 or 19 not me ) She was also leaner back then.
    She did a lengthy tour at Stonehenge up until they closed.
    The night I wound up at Al's Cafe I did a tour of Edison and saw her at CB, so I know it's her.

    Overall she is a nice girl with down to earth personality. She remembers her customers.
    Reading this tempts me to pay her a visit.
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  3. Kcazz


    45 to the house 240 to her. I usually go 200 for fs and if I like them ill tip a little more.
  4. Kung_fu


    What was the total damage?
  5. Kcazz


    Ok so my afternoon date plans fell thru. So while in the Edison area I stopped by CB.

    Quiere rainy day, thou large number of men going I,to the theater. I hear horror stories and I'm not into guys to go pay to watch porn.

    So I greet the nice man at the counter and see two names I did not recognize. One was Mya who looked similar to my last pick Jasmine. But I saw a new girl in the back, Beautiful. A nice AA/Latina mix. She's a larger girl by no means a bbw but a fuller figure. She had large breasts and a lovely tatoo of her name over her right breast. She had a natural c cup and nice long black hair.

    I decided on 20 for 45 with Beautiful. As we are walking to the room she drops her bag and brushes up against my crotch. Says with a cute giggle oops. I knew she did it on purpose. We get to the room and set our price. She strips with a nice slow grind on me. I asked for Daty and she spread her legs and I picked for a few minutes. She puts the condom on and stars the best cbj I've ever had. It felt like nothing at all. She climbed on for some cg and I sucked her large nips. She bounces for a while and then she begins again sucking away and I blow in the bag, honestly a first for me as bus don't normally get me off.

    She was chill and we had a few minutes left as she helped me dress. She's new only been there a few weeks.
    I find it interesting that I seem to now have a type. I tend to see more AA and Asian woman. Edison and CB has yet to let me down on beauty and talent.
  6. trigeek


    The place is a DNA nightmare with all those dicks being jerked.
  7. Nice... It is definitely hit or miss at that place. I have been there a few times with my SB. Went back to a motel with a young couple we met there one night. The other two times there were mostly older couples that didn't interest me and too many single guys hanging out playing with their dicks looking at my girl. She held onto my arm and didn't want to leave my side even to go to the bathroom. I am so gonna get raped she said... LOL :D
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  8. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    Great story, Kcazz! I give you a lot of credit; I can't imagine a quicker way for me to lose my wood than knowing a dozen guys were standing around me in a circle, jerking off, while watching me having sex. I guess I just wasn't cut out to be a porn star, lol...
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  9. vad1


    Wow, Kcazz!!

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  10. Kcazz


    Its usasally Thursday Friday or Saturday nights from 9 pm to 4 am. I believe they have a website for Club Encounters and they have the schedule. Or call and they give the information over the phone. Some nights they let in single guys sometimes not. If they do it 60 for guys.

    But if you are a single they have a lot of rules, such as you can not enter the private rooms or lounge without being invited. Couples can move in them freely.
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  11. Mr. Wiggley

    Mr. Wiggley

    Great story cazz.
  12. gold69


    How do you know when it's a swingers night or event?
  13. Kcazz


    So I thought I'd share a my experience a from a few months ago. I went to CB and they had only one girl who was in a 30 minute dance. So I was waiting and I wandered down stairs. It was a Friday night and the club Encounters was hosting an event. So I walked in knowing full well it was a swingers club and that a single guy in a club was avoided at all costs. But I was bored and I thought I'd at least get to watch some live porn.

    I walk in and paid 60 to the man at the door. There are a bunch of tables and a stage with a stripper pole where at the time there was a nice looking Latina striping while several woman and men watched. She had to be mid to late 40's with small b cup. Still nice to look at. I wonder into the back with the couches and where the beds are and I see almost immediately about a dozen guys of various ages to mid 20s to 50+ with their ducks out s crowding the windows and door ways so I didn't see crap.

    I hung out for a bit and realized I was bored as I didn't see much and the horde of dudes blocked the action. I start chating with a couple in their mid 30s and a woman who wanted to show off her bj skills and wanted a volunteer, I was in. Not a bad bbj I didn't blow but I had fun and felt her nice c cup tits.

    Then I wanted to go back to the main room when I got a shock. I see my ex girlfriends parents. They see me and immediately ask me over. So my ex's mom is in her 50's smoking hot milf. Nice d cup and short red hair. She hugs me kisses,me on the cheek and ask how I been. Now its been like 8 years since I dated their daughter. But they have known me for years. So I was very uncomfortable and she ill call her Janet realized it. Her husband ill call dave said well I'm going out for a smoke honey have fun ill come look in a bit.

    So he leaves and she then drags me into the back with the rooms and the couch and climbs into my lap and we begin to dfk. So as we do this in feeling her tits and looks and see about a dozen guys surround us.

    So she askes if I want to go into one of the small rooms and I'm in. We keep dfk ing and she skids her dress up showing her shaved puss. I go and begin a very spirited DATY. We move to 69 and I'm in heaven. I completely ignore the dozen guys masturbating to me and I enjoy fulfilling fucking my friends mom.

    She pulls a cover out and we start in mis. As we begin Dave's back with a nice brunet in her early 40s and starts to do her. I move to doggie and see another guy in the room who must be brunets hubby or guy friend and we are now having a nice small orgy. I blew in the bag but hung out and watched the show a bit.

    Crazy time and only for 60. Went a second time and got nothing and did not see either couple again. Still cross one crazy adventure of the time I fucked my ex gfriends mom.
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  14. Kcazz


    ......well that's what I get for typing this up on my phone with auto correct.
  15. moon


    tubing her chest,tubing her slit and clit,compound that ass,pused on her back and played with my duck. Love it. you got me laughin Kcazz
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  16. Kcazz


    So due to our government snafu I was required to be working all day. So as night approached and the boss bid a fond fare well I was beat. I was also stressed out my mind and needed an outlet. So i was in a an office on one of the ABC streets and decided to see a lovely lady to let loose some stress. I head to CB because of two reasons one being I have not yet seen a woman here id not want to spend time with and two was a bad experience at other local places.

    So I walk in greet the old man by by the theater hello. I walk up the stairs and I see one of the bouncers for the club down stairs I've met the few times I've been. I say hi to the Russian guy up front and walk in the back. So I got to see two lovely ladies to choose from. A nice woc named Jasmine with the most amazing ass I have ever seen. She was a little small on top, modest a cup really but that ass made Jr very happy. Next was a nice blonde named Bella who hung to the back so I did,not get much feel for her. I also saw a third dark haired beauty I recognized as June from a tat on her back but she wasn't ready yet or was just leaving.

    So jasmine had a lovely Egyptian art work on her chest that in a pure intellectual way wanted to study. So I went around front and went to ask for a dance with her and then paused as I thought what did I want amd how long did I want it. Most times I take 20 minutes for 40 and pop and go. I decided to take the 30 for 65. It was gonna be pricy tonight but I really wanted to enjoy myself as my SO has been in a mood lately and I had no patience to deal after the long day I had.

    She walks me to the room were she begins by grinding that hot ass on Jr. This was what I wanted. I was tubing her chest and squeezing that fat ass. I gave her a light slap and she moaned and said she was gonna enjoy this one. As I booked a half I had time to enjoy the fun. I started tubing her slit and clit. She started the cbj and moved her stocking cover leg so I could let my fingers keep rubbing. I slipped a finger in and she moaned on Jr. Now this was a first here as most times I've been blocked from fingering so,I decided to see how,fast I,could work her up. She seemed to enjoy the finger play and I sloped past and rubbed the rose bud. I wasn't looking for Greek,nor did I ask if it was on the table. But she liked it. She jumps on me rcg and I see that ass bounce and tweets on my dick. It was awesome. She tightens and shakes a nice O. I pay my self on the back and I move to,doggie,so I compound that ass till I blew. As I pound I start again to slip a finger in the back door amd she starts shaking and moaning. Second O. She asks me,if I took something as I was still solid and she was getting tired. I just smirked and pused on her back and she grabbed my neck and crushed her lips to mine as I blow in the bag.

    I still had time so we actually cuddled and she played with my duck as I rubbed her clit and we contiuned to LFK. It was relaxing and cleaning mentally. Damage was high but I get the sense more money more,fun. I feel like for a bit more,more I might have gotten Greek and dfk. I went home with a smile. Damage 65/200.
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  17. Kcazz


    So i realized i never followed up with my part 2 here(been crazy busy)

    So after my first forte i was in the area at the day i decided to try a night time run to see what the talent was. I drove by and saw it was packed. Turns out the club here is intense on the weekend. So i was actually with a buddy this time and we headed in. So its a real surprise when i see a woman with her ass in the air getting spanked by a dude and told by her husband spank my slutty wife's ass harder.

    To say that started a whole other though. So we walk in and we are approached by a big guy who was working security of the club and asked if we were invited. So i guess it was a private event. i said no we wanted to see the show up stairs and he let us thru. So i went in first as only 1 booth was working. Up goes the blinds and this tall dark skinned beauty walks up and says her name is Naomi. She had short hair nice c cup and was a a hot black girl Now at the time i now had dipped my toes in hobby and been here before and saw June, ive also gone to a few strip clubs and AMP's. So i have never been with a black girl and so i already knew i was going to pick her. Now my buddy went next so as a good friend i raced over to the desk and grabbed Naomi before he could go in.

    So she startes to dance and we agree to $200 for fs. She shakes her tight ass in my face and she actually does a move and flips her self down and starts humping my face with her crotch. so as she is doing this i lick a bit but im told no so i stop. she then goes and gives an awesome cbj and then hops on for a great ride. shes bouncing and im sucking on her tits like no tomorrow. i want to make this last so i ask for doggy and pound her black ass til i pop in bag.

    I thought we were done but she said we got a few more minutes and starts another cbj.....but time runs out and i was also out of cash. I get dressed and my buddy is standing there pissed because he didnt think to do more than a ten minute dance. But i had fun.
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  18. Kcazz


    Hey all thanks for the welcome. Total damage was .45 to house and 2.0 to her. June is a tall white woman i say 5'7" to 5'9" long haired brunette with small b cup pierced nips. Lots of tatoos. She had a great attitude and I guess realized it was my my,first time there and was helping me relax. She had no problem making small talk prior to us getting to the good stuff. June definitely worth a visit.
  19. lightweight

    lightweight Moderator

    Congrats... Good review. Just think, if you pay for it, its not cheating...
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  20. thetips


    Total damage ?