CECELIA SPA 631--214-8999

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  1. The Cocksman

    The Cocksman

    I wont list address necause its not in their ad. You can call like i did. Rear entrance safe location. Kinda dirty but private. With the pics it looked like fs joint but na...
    Took the half for 40 amd flashed some hunges which she noticed. Mid 40s early 50s as usual. 2nd woman same. Skirt over stockings. Long sleeve sweater over t shirt. You get the idea.
    I stripped and went face down new paper new towel clean table. She came in touching softly and i looked at her like wtf...she grabs baby powder and holds it up like i should get it. I dont know about u but i cant be smelling like baby powder!
    I just flipped and pointed to her mouth and offered a hunge. She was stroking me and said no. I said no cum from hand only mouth as i figured she still wouldnt budge. Then she asked for a condom and i felt like kicking myself in the nuts! Didnt have one! So i told her bbj and she Almost did. I whispered dirty shit in her ear while she nibbled my nipples and almost chewed it off. I blasted after consistent jackhammer. Cleanup tissues and alc spray. Tipped 40 she asked 60. I balked. Im gonna return with condoms and 200 and fuck that prude lol! Good luck guys.
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Not open for further replies.