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  1. iwantagoodhj247


    Everything was fully explained in original review.
  2. wmelissa6972


    How did she look like. Why didnt see go topless. Was the massage decent?
  3. vad1


    Couple of things based on what iwanta said:

    1. No, the girl was not legit. She was giving a hj.

    2. Communication was with the owner and the Indian girl. (Not sure if they were the same person.) Both promised "special services". The Carribean girl stated that she knew nothing about that. Or did and considered the hj a "special service".

    The second scenario seems rather common in the Asian scene. It's almost a guarantee that your communication is with the boss lady. She will promise you everything. The girl you see may have no knowledge about what was agreed upon. She then chooses to refuse or upsell.

    The Spanish scene is different. The boss man/woman states clearly that there is no GFE, BBBJ, etc. Usually 200/h. No up selling. However, there is certainly better mileage if you arrive at an understanding with the girl, say after the 3rd visit. (By this time, her private number is usually shared.)

  4. n2deep


    I would stay clear just on the fucking waiting part alone....
    I ve walked out of places after 10 mins and tell if you re busy you re busy kool.
    but considering the massage girl is thinking she is working as a legit worker I say pass this one up........
  5. iwantagoodhj247


    I wish V. I was so pissed by what was going on. Nothing was gonna save that session other than the blowjob that she kept promising me.
  6. vad1


    Should have gone to the happy places in your mind (with the Belle, for example!), closed your eyes, relaxed, de-stressed and been on your way, lol!

  7. iwantagoodhj247


    All good billyS. I can't count the number of times I've had either a bad session or bad luck in this game. The thousands of dollars I've wasted. You want to try something new? You take the chance. No big deal. I'll keep on trucking and taking those chances, I can promise you that...
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  8. iwantagoodhj247


    The whole thing was awful. I can usually find at least one thing redeeming in a handjob, but this one was terrible. The outer top came off but that inner tank top was not budging. I'm hoping someone actually had success here but I'm guessing not.
  9. billyS


    Thanks for TOFTT. Sorry you had a bad time.
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  10. iwantagoodhj247


    Cold as ice AvgMale... cold. as. ICE...!
    If I hadn't gotten such a run around, I absolutely would have. But as I stated in the review, I'll not be wasting my time again. Even if they were treating to Rex Burger during the session. Not worth the hassle.
  11. AvgMale



    But did you grab food across the street? :) j/k
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  12. n2deep


    That's sucks in a bad way...
    Its funny I had thought of trying but when they hiked the cost it made me think 2 things:
    it is now too busy as word has spread to lazy mongers who LURK ONLY and then partake
    or They are a place that will upsell everything sort of like that danm latina place on sunrise near 110.."which was a while back"2nd floor,north side of sunrise.
    The fucked up thing is she had given you at least a decent tug n some titties there review would be something that would make them some $$$$ but no........
  13. iwantagoodhj247


    All this talk about TOFTT... this should be in the dictionary under taking one for the fucking team...

    Ad says text is the best method of contact so i text around 5pm for an appt around 7. The text is answered right away. I'm always very forward in discussing what I'm looking for so i say, i hope we're on the same page, i like to leave happy. Response is, "relax, refresh, release, leave happy.". So i always make sure by saying, Just making sure all this pent up stress will be released and I'll be leaving happy. She answers, "correct on both accounts.". Great. I ask if the girl is hot, looking for a non Asian. She says "5'5" Caribbean, I won't be disappointed.". Super. Appt is set.
    I get there 5 mins early. Now, this place looks like a legit hair salon. Chairs and mirrors set up, boxes, tubes, and bottles of beauty product everywhere. I'm greeted by a very attractive, curvy Indian girl. Hardly any English. Asks me to sit, the girl will be ready in 5 minutes.
    5 turns into 10, turns into 15, turns into 20. I get up to leave, the Indian girl says, no, stay. Reluctantly I sit, I should have left then. I text the girl, say I'm leaving, she begs me to stay, her appointment asked for a last minute waxing. Give her 5 minutes, she'll make it up to me with special services. My curiosity is piqued. I stand up, walk around, pick up some beauty aids to see if they're real or a front (they're real).
    5 turns into 10, turns into 15, turns into 20. 45 minutes waiting.
    Texts the whole time saying, I'll take care of you, special services, go the extra mile...
    About to walk out and a monger comes from the back room, looking refreshed, not waxed.
    I'm lead back, I told the girl, who was an attractive Caribbean girl with very large breasts, I can't stay an hour now, I have to leave in 45 minutes, can we do this in 45 minutes? Oh yes, no problem, get comfortable.
    Strip down, get on table face up, which I never do but I'm in a rush, she says, your back first? I say, no time for that, let's get this done.
    Starts with some sort of thick, exfoliating cream on my chest. I say, nope, that does not feel good. No more of that. I'm super pissed now cuz of the wait, and my patience and candor are out the window. I say, just take care of me like we texted. Special treatment. She says, what? We never texted, I'm the tech, I don't text with ppl.
    So the whole time I'm texting with the owner, not the tech. The tech has no idea what I'm talking about. She did try to get me going but wasn't very good at it. Too rough, hand only, I was expecting special treatment of course, so I was pissed as is. There must have been left over exfoliate on her hands cuz it felt like sandpaper. The cream on my chest stunk.
    I ask again about "special services", she says I don't do that, that's illegal. So I say, and pulling on me like taffy for 10 minutes isn't? So i ask for a wet towel to clean this stinking cream off me, get up, clean off, get dressed, and leave.
    I've never left a place without paying at least the house fee (which wasn't expected up front here), but this experience was so terrible I just walked out and left.

    Everyone's experiences are different. Some may have had amazing success at this place, but the run around and lies are a bit too much for me to deal with.

    Curious if anyone else has attempted and what their results were. My 2 cents, avoid. There's much easier and much better out there.
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  14. Rider


    Posted 2 days ago

    Indulge, Enjoy, Massage, Shower, Release $95 - 70 mins includes tip -T (Mineola / Garden City)


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    (google map)

    license info: Certified

    I want to tell you that this is by far the best massage value you will ever get.

    For Limited time,
    I am currently running a special for this month.
    Come Indulge and enjoy, and relax all your muscles.
    enjoy a massage,
    an experience
    which is different then any other.

    Elegant spa, with High end results, and I am extremely presentable. You won't be disappointed

    show contact info - Vanessa text or call / Text is always great.

    Well-trained beautiful, sweet and professional me along with one of my coworkers.
    If you are looking for 4 hands massage, that option is around as well.

    We insure giving the best quality and service body work: All massage have a hot towel clean up

    Other massage offered
    ** Therapeutic Deep Tissue
    ** Hot stones
    ** Sweedish
    ** Sports
    ** Foot Reflexology
    We also offer other services
    ** Skin care
    ** Waxing
    ** Body scrub
    ** Body Wrap

    Men or Women that may be a bit shy even cautious about taking the massage, always know we have an amazing, private, friendly environment with a comforting touch.

    {{$95 for a full massage of your choice for 70mins. Includes tax, tip and no other hidden charges.
    show contact info Vanessa- text is always faster}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    We have clean, quiet and elegant dimly lit rooms with soft music for your relaxation.

    We are open from 10:30 am until 12:30 Am 7 day per week.
    Appointments / Reservations are recommended but not required.

    You can call or text anytime at show contact info Vanessa - text is always faster and better :)

    525 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, New York 11501. Free Parking

    Convenient to Garden City, Searing town, Albertson Bellerose, Western Long Island, Great Neck, Westbury, North Hills, Manhasset, Syosset, Douglaston, Glen Cove, North Hempstead, Little Neck, New Hyde Park, Deer Park, Dix Hills, Old Westbury, Old Brookvile, Roslyn
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  16. iwantagoodhj247


    I know what sublime means! And yes, that sounds sublime, Devine, majestic, glorious, and so on...! But I'm lazy. I'd rather go somewhere (Rex Burger, or Cirellos 541 Club) and be catered to. Maybe not as rewarding as making your own masterpiece, but what am I going to do? Lazy trumps personal satisfaction in the cooking dept with me.
    Although being served with a cold beer of my choice sounds about my speed. Pretty sure I can handle that!
  17. genius


    You've never had a sublime burger?
    Easy - you buy the sirloin beef patties fro Farmingdale Meat Market (the best butcher on LI and perhaps the Northeast — I've seen their little refrigerated trucks everywhere I go on LI, Queens, Yonkers, Westchester and even Connecticut on my way up to Boston. They service all the better restaurants and affairs such as Bethpage Open, Hamptons Tennis and Horse shows, etc., mostly wholesale but they have a retail counter for those lucky enough to know about it.
    Throw it on a really hot charcoal grill for couple on minutes ( want them med-rare). Don't worry about flare-ups as they have no added fat or water like the supermarket meat.
    Toast bun on grill, add cheese (if you must — I don't).
    Put burger (will be same size as when you started as doesn't have added fat or water) thick slice of sweet onion, some Trader Joes ketchup and serve along with a cold beer of your choice.

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  18. iwantagoodhj247


    Thanks genius! I'm flattered! I mean, sublime? I know the post about the burger was good, but sublime? Wow...! Unless you were going for the ridiculous part of that statement, then my feelings are hurt...!
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  19. Nutty Irishman

    Nutty Irishman

    “Sublime to ridiculous”
    Great line! It’s the descent into madness that’s an eventuality of the hobby! God! I love it!! (The hobby not loosing my mind). Nutty
  20. iwantagoodhj247


    I know Nutty! I take nothing seriously on here except my reviews. Period.
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